Loaded For Bear

Hey there friends! Wanted to do my first ‘Showcase’ motorcycle, and not too long ago I found the perfect candidate.

This RX3 is completely loaded! It has a couple cool things that I wanted to point out. The first thing is the Roto-Pax fuel can with custom mounting solution attached to the forward crash bar. I’m in love with the placement and functionality of this mod. The mount includes a lock to keep people from stealing your fuel, and speaking of that, he mentioned the can orientation. I didn’t put a second thought into it but the spout is face down. That way no one can open it up to siphon fuel out, or to put anything nasty in! He also has a set of Tourfella Boxes with the additional mounting racks. These things are huge!

DrySpec Tube installed on the forward crash bars.

On the left side of the bike is a DrySpec Tool Tube. These things are pretty inexpensive, and come with just about everything you could want, including the appropriate sized drill bit!

Stock photo from Twisted Throttle

The chances of getting lost with this setup is close to zero.

After talking with the owner and preparing this post, I received an update. In addition to what he has already done, he installed the 19″ front wheel, upgraded the stock tires to a more dirt worthy type (The brand and model of which I simply cannot remember), installed the better skid plate offered through CSC, and added aftermarket highway pegs! This thing is a beast, and I thought you all should have a chance to ogle it like I did!

Foldable highway pegs available from Cycle Gear. The mounting process, however, was highly modified.
Fantastic photography from the owner! (Omitting his name out of respect)

The list keeps going:

  • Hand guards? Check. 
  • Upgraded seat? Check. 
  • Additional spot lights? Check. 
  • Kick stand base? Check. 
  • Center stand? Check. 

The best part about this is he isn’t done! He pointed out that there is still plenty of space available under the seat in the rear wheel well, and he has plans to rig a custom mounting solution. All in all, this RX3 is loaded. Thank you for allowing me to photograph and share your bike with the community! And thank all of you for stopping by. I’ll have more content to come shortly!